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Campfire Health Forms

Each camper must have camp health forms completed by parents and a physician and on file in order to begin camp. All medications must be self-administered.
Click the icon to download health forms.
If your child was previously in the camp, new health forms are not needed unless past the 3-year expiration date.

Campfire Eligibility Requirements

An eligible applicant must meet the following criteria:  


1. Be between the ages of 5-15 up during the Camp Session; 


2. Is not abusive towards him/herself or others, i.e. does not physically, verbally, or sexually abuse self or others, which abuse may include hitting, biting, scratching, spitting, kicking, excessive swearing, excessive or inappropriate yelling or verbal degradation, inappropriate touching or fondling or other inappropriate behavior; 


3. Does not pose a direct threat to himself/herself or others that cannot be eliminated or reduced below the level of a direct   threat with or without reasonable accommodation. Direct threat is defined as a substantial risk of harm to the camper or others; direct threat may include having a highly contagious condition such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, an open or draining wound or rash, topical parasites, etc. or other conditions that may be spread through casual human contact; 


4. Does not have a medical condition or impairment that requires specialized medical treatment (i.e. intravenous infusions); 


5. Does not have a medical condition or impairment that has a substantial risk or likelihood for complication or injury; 


6. Is in acceptable health as indicated by: Not having a temperature greater than 99.5°F orally; not having blood pressure greater than 160/90; not having a heart rate greater than 120 BPM; 


7. If necessary, is able to take personal prescription medication by self;


8.  Is respectful to all staff and participants in the program.


All acceptances of application are conditional. Campfire reserves the right to accept or deny applications or defer admission on site or prior to attendance should it later become aware that the initial application was flawed or upon demonstration that a camper does not meet the applicable eligibility criteria. All deferrals or revocation of admission must be approved by the Camp Directors.



**Click the icon to Download rules form to sign and return to the center with your application!

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